Flower of the Month-January’s flower is the Carnation

January’s flower of the month is the Carnation.

The thought of Carnations used to make me scream “the 80’s”.  However, Carnations have been reinvented in this modern age and are becoming quite popular in event design.

There are a few things that make carnations appealing for event decor…first and formost, they are inexpensive compared to other types of flowers-if you are on a budget they are a great cost-cutting solution.  Second, they last…once carnations are in full bloom they can stay fresh and fragrant for up to 3 weeks!  Lastly, carnations are available in hundreds of colors naturally and they can also be artificially colored.

If you choose carnations for your event decor, here is the trick to make this budget-friendly flower look like a million bucks…use carnations in lush groupings of the SAME COLOR.  Take a look at a few fabulous carnation arrangements and see what I mean…

With a little creativity, the sky is the limit with carnations.  And carnations are not just for centerpieces, they can be incorporated in your wedding cake, bridal bouquets, and  can create a an elegant placecard base.

As you can see, this budget-friendly flower provides endless possibilities for a high-end look.


2 thoughts on “Flower of the Month-January’s flower is the Carnation

  1. I never thought that I would say this; but I think I will start using carnations for my centerpieces! Love the ideas you gave!

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