Keris Binder and Jeff Magnon

Love is in the Air

Keris Binder and Jeff Gagnon wed on a beautiful day in April with an intimate group of family and friend. Lavender, rosemary, peacock feathers, lilac, forget-me-not, and white sweet peas filled the brides bouquet.  A simple artistic wedding that is so easily understood through these images below.
The first image is inspired by  the renowned Robert Capa that snapped the ever so famous barefoot Pablo Picasso holding a giant umbrella for his young lover, Françoise Gilot, shading her from the blazing Riviera sunshine.

Email from Keris after the wedding….

The flowers were absolutely stunning, Kim! They were more beautiful than I could have imagined, and completely captured the look and feel that I was going for. SO MANY people commented on them, even a few random people at the restaurant where we had our reception stopped me and asked me about my bouquet. I wish I had had some of your cards to pass out! 🙂  I wish I could preserve all of the flowers forever!


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