Featured Local Photographer: Joshua Aull

Joshua Aull is a wedding photographer based out of San Diego, Ca. He truly has a gift in capturing those special moments that one will cherish forever.  You’ll love his website joshuaaullphoto.com .

We worked together on the following wedding.

Jill Grundstrom Wedding Bali Hai September 13, 2008


Submerged orchids

Green button mums and gerbera daisies

Jill Grundstrom wedding September 13, 2008 was a colorful San Diego affair with a Hawaiian feel. The ceremony took place at the downtown marina with the reception at the Balia Hai.  Flowers were of great importance to bride.  Color was Jill first request along with tropical flowers to make her fiance’s family feel at home.  Since the guest list was large requiring many tables at the reception, we decided to design 3 different centerpieces.  As the guests mingled, they viewed what I like to call, conversational centerpieces.

All the images were provided by Joshua Aull


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