Romp 2011 Hoe Down!!


Romp 2011 Hoe Down!!





The New Children’s Museum Backyard BBQ Event

The New Children’s Museum
Backyard BBQ Event
How fun is this! Enter a museum and find picnic benches, red and white checkered linens with a runner of wheat grass displaying white picket fences, lemons, butterflies, and pinwheels.  Hang out by the beer keg or have  some hard lemonade while you wait for dinner to be served family style.

Flower of the Month. June’s flower is a Rose.

Roses being the flower of the month is so appropriate with wedding season blooming as we speak.  Roses are without a doubt a Bride’s favorite choice.  A universal symbol of love and beauty, they are at once classic and contemporary, omnipresent yet never overdone, and current with flower trends. Roses are synonymous with romance. More elegant than daisies, less pretentious than French tulips, and more affordable than orchids…

I think it is a big myth that Roses are sooo expensive.  Roses are widely available and can be reasonably priced (though rare varieties will cost much more than the standard).   They are also always in season and vary in their shape, size and color.   Which I think is nice because it gives one different options and lots of room to play with the flowers.  Making roses very versatile.   Roses can go from minimal to mod — it’s all in the arrangement.

Red rose Bridal bouquet

Stop and Smell the Roses

4 days to Valentines day!  Don’t forget to place your orders.

Rose, tulips, orchids you name it.  Your special someone will love it!

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Flower of the Month-January’s flower is the Carnation

January’s flower of the month is the Carnation.

The thought of Carnations used to make me scream “the 80’s”.  However, Carnations have been reinvented in this modern age and are becoming quite popular in event design.

There are a few things that make carnations appealing for event decor…first and formost, they are inexpensive compared to other types of flowers-if you are on a budget they are a great cost-cutting solution.  Second, they last…once carnations are in full bloom they can stay fresh and fragrant for up to 3 weeks!  Lastly, carnations are available in hundreds of colors naturally and they can also be artificially colored.

If you choose carnations for your event decor, here is the trick to make this budget-friendly flower look like a million bucks…use carnations in lush groupings of the SAME COLOR.  Take a look at a few fabulous carnation arrangements and see what I mean…

With a little creativity, the sky is the limit with carnations.  And carnations are not just for centerpieces, they can be incorporated in your wedding cake, bridal bouquets, and  can create a an elegant placecard base.

As you can see, this budget-friendly flower provides endless possibilities for a high-end look.

The Kellogg Wedding

Wendy Kellogg and Dave Machala were married in an intimate ceremony under a curly willow arche of cascading red and burnt orange flowers on November 15, 2009 at the top of Mount Soledad.  They exchange their vows with a backdrop of the beautiful La Jolla sunset glowing on the mountain side.

Wendy, daughter of Bill and Tricia Kellogg, came to me wanting a wedding that is reminiscent of the fall with all its warm, bright and crisp colors.  Her bouquet was a traditional white and cream colored beauty incorporating hydrangea, ranunculas, roses, and gardinias. The bridemaids  bouquets were full of color with orange being the main hue.  Orange is fresh and vibrant! It seems so youthful and so full of energy which fit Wendy’s personality.  Her flower picks were mini cala lilies, pink brandy roses, pin cushions, and dalhias.

After the ceremony the guests arrive at one of La Jolla’s most memorable dining restaurants, The Marine Room.  I would say that this wedding was all about the views!!

Wendy and Dave congratulations!  I wish you the best!

Kellogg and Machala rehersal dinner at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club