Green Wedding

Since everyone is trying to learn green, live green and save green these days, I’m not at all surprised that brides are incorporating the color green into there wedding more than ever.  We are even seeing couples get more and more excited to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into their ceremonies and receptions.  Here are some examples of the green wedding trends for 2010.

Reduce – In honor of the environment, more couples are choosing to scale down their weddings rather than plan an elaborate affair for their closest 500 friends. Instead, couples are going for a smaller more intimate wedding that is easier to plan and easier on the Earth since less guests mean less resources used for the event.

Reuse & Recycle – Couples in 2010 are planning their weddings with a little more “something borrowed” than couples have in the past. They are borrowing decorations used in friends and family member’s weddings, buying things at tag sales and consignment shops, and finding new and creative ways to invent what they need out of something that already exists. Reusing materials is a great way to help cut down on waste-it might save couples some money as well.

Home Weddings – With so many couples planning smaller weddings, many of these couples are choosing to host their nuptials at home (or at their parents home). Keeping guest number down, allows couples to hold a ceremony at home and again allows for a simple, elegant solution with a lot less waste.

Decorating with Nature – Going with an eco-themed wedding can mean bringing the outside in. Couples are using things like branches, greenery, stones, seashells or leaves as wedding décor today. These options are economical, simple and biodegradable. Couples are using their creativity to make the most out of what they can find outdoors. And when done right, using nature as a decorating palette can exude an easy elegance like no other.  Think Green…..


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